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작성일 2018-06-28 (목) 09:56
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CCD의 시대는 지났습니다.

2015년 Sony社는 CCD 센서의 생산을 중단하였고, 이를 대체하기 위해 Prequis Global Shutter 

CMOS 센서 제품을 출시하였습니다. 이 제품은 최신 기술을 탑재하여 기존 CCD 센서에 비해

더 낳은 영상 품질, 감도 및 기능을 포함하고 있습니다.

New CMOS CamerasThe Sony CCD sensors are global shutter sensors with resolutions between 0.3 MP and 12 MP.

Sony now offers a Pregius global shutter CMOS sensor for each individual CCD sensor with better features and performance at lower costs.

The Imaging Source offers cameras with Pregius sensors from 0.4 MP to 12 MP with GigEUSB 3.0 or USB 3.1 (gen. 1) interface.

Pregius SensorResolutionMPSensor FormatPixel SizeFPS
IMX287728×5440.4 MP1/2.9 inch6.9 µm539
IMX2731456×10881.6 MP1/2.9 inch3.45 µm238
IMX2522048×15363.2 MP1/1.8 inch3.45 µm120
IMX2652048×15363.2 MP1/1.8 inch3.45 µm60
IMX2502448×20485.1 MP2/3 inch3.45 µm75
IMX2642448×20485.1 MP2/3 inch3.45 µm38
IMX2554096×21608.9 MP1 inch3.45 µm42
IMX2674096×21608.9 MP1 inch3.45 µm35
IMX2534096×300012.3 MP1.1 inch3.45 µm30
IMX3044096×300012.3 MP1.1 inch3.45 µm26

We strongly recommend that you begin the migration from CCD sensors to CMOS now. Pixel size and sensor format are important factors when transitioning to CMOS sensors and beginning the process now allows for testing of the new CMOS cameras in your application.